Buddha Bowls & Guilt Free Waffles

Buddha Bowls & Guilt Free Waffles, This Kalyan Nagar Cafe Is Hipster Vibes & Health Goals

Ten-Second Takeaway

RawStraw is Kalyan Nagar’s newest health cafe with everything from waffles to French toast and desserts on its menu. But everything comes with a healthier alternative in terms of ingredients. Plus, these guys do vegan options too.

As Natural As It Gets

RawStraw was opened to give the city an option to eat healthy and guilt-free food. It all started when the owners, Sagar and his wife Mahitha, couldn’t find many places to eat healthy food and thus opened RawStraw. RawStraw has been in operation for less than a month now and focuses on healthy food — what you see is what you get. No colours or preservatives are added, and nothing in the cafe comes out of a can, is processed or has added adulterants, according to Sagar. No white sugar, maida or refined oil either. The cafe space is cosy, comes with a calm and peaceful vibe, and is sparsely done up with plants, white chairs and tables, and framed slogans. Plus, we’d suggest if you are dining here solo, then take the high chairs near the glass cafe front for people watching!

Health On A Plate

RawStraw is a vegetarian restaurant with a few egg options on their menu as well. Head there for the all day breakfast and try their breakfast platter {eggs of your choice, herbed mushrooms, hash browns, breakfast salad, toasted bread and a choice of juice}. You can also sample their spinach and feta cheese omelette and the frittata as other options. They also do a egg white version, if you want to do a healthy brekkie. Mumbai Masala French Toast, High Protein Wraps {with gram flour}, and Chia Seed & Muesli Parfait are other options.

RawStraw also does pancakes and waffles — yes, you can indulge and not feel any guilt whatsoever. Dig in to their Jowar pancakes with fruit compote and honey, or the Belgian Chocolate Brownie Waffle {No maida or white sugar is added here apparently}. Hipsters, you will be happy to know that RawStraw also does avocado on sourdough toasts, and you can add a sunny side up to this, to make it a power packed breakfast. From 11 am onwards daily, you can also tuck into the cafe’s healthy and trendy Buddha Bowls with options such as a Mediterranean style veggies served on a bed of millets rather than couscous or a Mexican chickpeas Buddha bowl served with quinoa and green apple salsa. These guys also do ragi tacos. What’s not to love? Plus, smoothies, detox juices, tea and coffee.

For dessert, try something called the Nice Creams or blended fruit, and they even have homemade ice cream, with flavours like avocado coconut and banana peanut butter.